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FIXIT GETS ERROR CODE 16977921-2147023836

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After recovering my system, I have spent the last month downloading stuff from MS. In desperation, I tried FIXIT. It gets error code: 16977921-2147023836 and fixes nothing. I'm having the most trouble installing .NET FRAMEWORK 2.0 and its SP 1 thereto. The last attempt resulted in an error: "...could not connect to the database..." This was amusing since my other errors were more like "... software didn't match the correct level.." or something like that. In attempting to get the software levels to match up, I've installed a gazillion iterations of .NET F. Here's what's on my poor, tired system: MS XP Media Center Edition (this gets errors all the time and I'd delete it if I were brave and/or dumber than I am.) Version 2002 Service Pack 3 IE 8, .NET Framework: 1.0 Hot Fix 1.0 security update (KB2742607) 1.0 security update (KB2833951) 1.1 4 client profile 4 extended (KB2487367 and KB2656351) 4 mult-target pack As for Media Center which consistently gets errors: MC Edition 2005 MC Rollup (KB873369) MC 2005 (KB888316) IN SUMMARY: My goal is to get "Security Update for Windows XP (KB973768) before I go crazy. All these other installs were in a floundering attempt to cure this failure. I hope there are enough details to give someone a clue as to where the problem lies. Thanks you for whatever assistance you can provide.
asked Dec 16, 2013 in Windows by anonymous

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