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your mailbox is currently being optimized outlook 2010

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asked Nov 15, 2013 by anonymous

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Oct 6, 2010 ... It will then inform you that it is configuring Outlook 2010 for its first use: ... Outlook will show a Your mailbox is currently being optimized ...
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Oct 6, 2010 ... Outlook 2010 is an email client which interacts efficiently with the Oxford Nexus ... Outlook will show a Your mailbox is currently being optimized ...
Outlook 2010 Beta Lock ups - PC Review
Progress Your mailbox is currently being optimized. Performance may ... Due to changes in the indexes of the pst-file, Outlook 2010 will indeed
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Jun 5, 2013 ... For an overview of features requiring CEM see: Outlook 2010: New features ... with Microsoft Office Communicator as this is currently only available as a 32-bit application. .... When the processing is being performed in the background, Outlook ... This is also accompanied by a re-cache of your mailbox in an ...

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