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Internet explorer 11 blank white screen/not responding

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I usually use google chrome but have notice problems with various programs such as skype. Skype has a blank screen when open and is unresponsive so i can't even log in/ see the login screen. Also programs such as for avg security for one example would be unresponsive for a long time and be responsive for a few seconds then when i go to click something it would go back to being unresponsive this also happens with other programs. I did some searching and found the problem might be with internet explorer so when I open internet explorer i encountered the same problem. The screen is blank just like before and unresponsive. I can't search anything when i go to the gear setting in the top right, most of the options are greyed out. I have uninstalled internet explorer 11 update and reinstalled it but the problem persisted. Then tried to reset internet explorer settings but couldn't as stated before the tool option was greyed out and can't be clicked. I found an automatic wizard to rest it MicrosoftFixit50195 downloaded it and ran it. It said it failed to reset my quot;user customizationquot; but everything else was fine. But still afterwards internet explorer wouldn't respond in fact being worse as it won't open when i click it. But long after i have clicked it multiple times internet explorer would open for a few seconds and then close by itself without any messages. Please help me this problem i think is affecting some of my programs but i can still use google chrome and other programs.
asked Dec 30, 2013 in Internet Explorer by anonymous

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