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Every word document disappeared that was inside my dropbox folder?

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I've had the most confusing thing happen. I restarted my computer a few hours ago and when I logged back in, every word document inside my dropbox folder had vanished. Thankfully the word documents were backed up in two other 'clouds' but it has left me a little stunned. Does anyone have a clue how this would happen? I have a very good understanding of computers and I only say that so that nobody recommends that I check my recycle bin. I am positive that the files are not hidden or relocated. They are simply not there. I have NIS for virus protection (it shows no history of a virus) I'm running windows 8.1 on pure SSD There hasn't been any recent modifications or program installs for over a week. Lastly, the word documents were spread throughout many folders inside dropbox so it wasn't like a folder was deleted. It basically looks like dropbox decided that it didn't want to keep my word documents anymore and just did away with them. There is history of me accessing these files inside word, but they obviously no longer are linked to a file anymore. Thanks in advance
asked Jan 1 in Office by anonymous

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