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This application wasn't installed Error code 0x80070002 when installing or updating an app

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I have a problem in start screen apps. When I click an app, nothing happens. I click it a few times it didn't work. So I have an idea. I go to windows store (That's the only app that is working) to update an app but when i reaches 100% it said "This application wasn't installed - Error code 0x80070002. I Tried to reinstall it but it shows the same error as updating an app. I Also notice that when i download a video Its a VLC icon its not a windows video app (violet with a tv) I think all of my apps have been removed to my laptop but i didn't remove any thing. Please help me. My Os is Windows 8 SL 64-bit (It's not listed in the windows Version
asked Nov 25, 2013 in Windows by anonymous

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