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Internet explorer update causing problems and has killed system restore. How can I get back to IE 10 ?

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I am having multiple issues with IE 11 on three different machines all running Windows 7. I was having none of these issues with IE10. Crash when clicking on a new tab regardless of current page being displayed even happens for about blank. Crash when deleting email in Yahoo email app. Crash is an access violation in the HTML rendering engine. Application content ought not to be able to crash the browser, and an access violation trying to display content or run a script ought to be handled rather than crashing the whole browser. If Skype add on is enabled the browser keeps crashing every few minutes without even doing anything. Other random crashes on miscellaneous web pages. When IE crashes it leaves behind add on processes. These often cause the whole desktop to hang until manually killed with Process Explorer. Something about the IE11 update made it impossible to restore any system restore points predating the update. It simply says that it could not access a file without anything useful like the name of the file it was trying to access. This also happens on all three computers. Prior to installing IE 11 update I had no problem doing system restores. So I really want to roll back to IE 10 until IE11 can be made more robust and the issues are worked out. But there doesn't seem to be a viable way to do this. I read some horror stories of people who had uninstalled IE11 and it had crippled their OS forcing a re-install of the OS. I'm not ready to risk that as I two people rely on these computers to perform their jobs.
asked Nov 27, 2013 in Internet Explorer by anonymous

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